Be Empower! Community Services - Be Empower!...It's a state of mind. Romans 12:2

Our Team of Volunteers are ready to serve and provide services to those in need.  Below is our program descriptions.


Be Empower Community Services, Inc. education program consists of grade school academic tutoring and homework assistance, high school equivalency preparation, language, reading, adult basic, and technology. We take advantage of virtual based and social media delivery models such as discussion forums, blogs and collaborative networking sites.

Be Empower Community Services, Inc. financial program consists of seminars, workshops, speakers, and counseling on financial topics but not limited to: Preparing for the Future: Finances; Building Credit; Budgeting; Dealing with Debt; Money Matters; Financial Institutions; Identity Theft and Money Scams. These workshops will provide participants with opportunities to be exposed to financial based literature, workbooks, real-life examples and scenarios.
Be Empower Community Services, Inc. employment program consists of individual and group sessions, seminars, workshops, speakers, and counseling on employment topics but not limited to: Resume Writing; Interview Techniques; Dressing for Success; Being An Effective Team Member; Working as a Team; Corporate and Business Environment; Social Media; Email Writing; Vocational and Professional Assessments; Internships; and Job Coaching and Mentoring.

Be Empower Community Services, Inc. health program consists of health and nutrition seminars, workshops, speakers, and cooking and food demonstrations.  Topics include but not limited to: Healthy Food Choices; Affordable and Smart Grocery Shopping; Menu Preparation; Food Contamination; and Physical Fitness.  These seminars, workshops and demonstrations will be conducted by licensed and certified food handling professionals and geared to audience shopping and cooking habits.

Be Empower Community Services, Inc. spiritual program offers participants access to networks and volunteer counselors for one-on-one or group discussions; events, workshops, blog and forums on topics including but not limited to: grief, relationship, and family. 

Community Engagement
Be Empower Community Services, Inc. provides opportunities for participants to engage in service projects that directly impact their community.  BECS, Inc. will reach out to other local non-profit organizations and government entities to collaborate on or sponsor BECS service projects to inclue but not limited to: neighborhood cleanup; helping elderly neighbors; working with teachers and educators; green projects; and physical education.