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Service Descriptions

Financial Workshops 
Be Empower Community Services, Inc. financial program consists of seminars, workshops, speakers, and counseling on financial topics but not limited to: Preparing for the Future: Finances; Building Credit; Budgeting; Dealing with Debt; Money Matters; Financial Institutions; Identity Theft and Money Scams. These workshops will provide participants with opportunities to be exposed to financial based literature, workbooks, real-life examples and scenarios.

Money Management and Budget Coaching

Would you like help to create and maintain a budget? Work with a trained volunteer budget coach. Learn best practices, budgeting techniques, financial management and smart goal strategies. Track expenses, keep track of their budget, track progress towards achieving important financial goals and communicate with their coach and program staff members. All the while, the coach is able to track the client’s progress in real-time and encourage the client to stay on task and on track in between sessions. Contact us to learn how you can participate in a FREE budget coaching program! 

Family and Caregiver Advocacy and Learning - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

Be Empower Community Services, Inc. hosts various workshops on topics such as: transitioning school aged-youth; developing a person-centered plan; Traditional Services; Self-Directed Services; preparing for the IEP; parent advocacy; importance of homework and reading; budget management and social inclusion.

Community Engagement
Be Empower Community Services, Inc. provides opportunities for participants to engage in service projects that directly impact their community.  We reach out to other local non-profit organizations and government entities to collaborate on or sponsor service projects to include but not limited to: neighborhood cleanup; helping elderly neighbors; working with teachers and educators; green projects; and physical education.